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Dr. Keith McCormick Testimonials
...scan in December 2020 showed a reversal of my osteoporosis...

Good morning, Dr. McCormick!

I first emailed you one year ago, after having read your remarkable book. Having been dx’d w/osteoporosis 12 months earlier, I’d tailored a plan for myself based on recommendations and patient tx plans in your book. I was thrilled when my dexa scan in December 2020 showed a reversal of my osteoporosis to osteopenia!


Determined to hold on to the ground I’d gained with the vitamins, supplements, & nutritional plan, I’ve decided to make these treatment modalities a permanent part of my lifestyle. Well, having continued this for the past year, I had another dexa last week, and results showed bone density in my right hip increased a further 8%!


Needless to say, I’m a happy patient, and a dedicated disciple of yours for life! Thanks for helping me and so many like me!


- KS (1/14/2022)

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