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Chiropractic Care
Sports Injuries

Dr. McCormick’s and his staff work together to provide you the best possible experience in individualized chiropractic health care. When you

walk into our office, you will know that we care. Dr. McCormick provides

natural relief from musculoskeltal

conditions such as lower back and neck pain, disc herniations, sciatica, head-aches, shoulder pain, hip and knee pain, and TMJ Syndrome.

Dr. McCormick specializes in sports injuries and is a a member of the University of Massachusetts’ Sports Medicine Department. His interest in treating sports injuries stems from an extensive background as an athlete. 
This combination—sports physician and athlete —gives Dr. McCormick a unique ability to relate to an
athlete’s pain.

Dr. McCormick specializes in the evaluation and management of women and men with osteoporosis. Up to 50% of women and 20% of men will sustain an osteoporotic-related fracture in their lifetime. This statistic is staggering and one that Dr. McCormick is trying to change. Talk to Dr. McCormick about re-gaining your skeletal health through his whole body approach.