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Faced with a diagnosis of severe osteoporosis and 12 fragility fractures at the age of 45, Dr McCormick, a chiropractic physician and founder of OsteoNaturals, not only met that challenge but went on to become an osteoporosis expert and one of the best Ironman triathletes in the world. Author of The Whole-Body Approach to Osteoporosis, Dr. McCormick is a leading authority in the nutritional management of patients with osteopenia and osteoporosis.

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OsteoNaturals is strategically focused on improving the bone health of individuals suffering from osteopenia or osteoporosis. Our osteoporosis-treatment supplements and products are scientifically ­based and clinically proven.

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My osteoporosis diagnosis had me searching for help and answers.

My osteoporosis diagnosis had me searching for help and answers.  I read Dr. McCormick’s book and started working with him. All of my blood work improved fairly quickly.  My homocysteine went from 13.8 to 7.6 and my CTX went from 589 to 362…in only 4 months. I will continue to work with Dr. McCormick as I work on improving my bones and my overall health.


Diagnosed at age 58 with severe osteoporosis

When I was diagnosed at age 58 with severe osteoporosis resulting in ten fractured vertebrae, I felt shocked, scared, confused, and powerless. Desperately unhappy with the information I was being given about my treatment and prospects for recovery, I began to seek out alternatives.

After several months of grinding through a lot of conflicting and competing sources of information, I had the great good fortune to find Dr. McCormick and he has been a tremendous help to me.

His willingness to share generously of his knowledge and expertise have benefited me greatly as I’ve been trying to navigate my way through a strange new world of foreign medical jargon and treatment options with potentially troublesome side effects, and his OsteoNaturals supplements have solved the other daunting problem of how best to address my condition nutritionally.

I could not recommend Dr. McCormick more highly as a clear, caring, and highly capable resource for anyone looking to take more control of their health, improve their approach to their own self-care, and give themselves a better shot at living successfully and optimistically with the challenges of osteoporosis.

Rick in Texas

I was overwhelmed and kept looking for some solid answers.

My diagnosis of osteoporosis came after three compression fractures in a short period of time.  I was overwhelmed and kept looking for some solid answers.  I was fortunate to come across Keith McCormick’s book, “The Whole-Body Approach to Osteoporosis” which is clear and comprehensive – and which gives a balanced view of all options.

I have had two phone consultations with Keith which were also very helpful and which have pointed me in a direction that I am comfortable with.

I highly recommend Keith – and his book.

Carole in Massachusetts

Thanks to you and your wisdom I have regained my bones without medications

My endocrinologist advised me that I needed to go on Forteo as I progressed to osteoporosis. I told her to give me 2 years to my next bone density. I started taking OsteoStim, stopped dairy, plant based diet and walking, walking, walking. I (am) happy to report that it has been 4 years and my second bone density still shows my return and maintenance of osteopenia. Thanks to you and your wisdom I have regained my bones without medications. My doctor can’t believe my results as she predicted that it was not possible to recover without meds!

Beth in Massachusetts

The Whole-Body Approach to Osteoporosis was instrumental in starting me on this healing journey

I wanted to mention that when I posted in the National Osteoporosis Blog site about my bone gain, I mentioned that your book The Whole-Body Approach to Osteoporosis was instrumental in starting me on this healing journey and helped me advocate for a natural approach with my doctor. In fact, my doctor told me that I knew much more about osteoporosis then she did! It was so very, very helpful and I would be remiss not to say a big THANK YOU to you!!!

Judy in Ohio

Blown away by the change in 3 months

I have been using OsteoStim, Sustain and Mineral Boost since May of this year after my dentist discovered that I had significant bone loss in my lower right jaw – last 2 molar area. My Osteopath recommended I take your supplements and I have had an amazing level of bone recovery as evidenced in comparative XRays (attached) taken this week (on August 6th) and May 8th.

My dentist was so concerned that I was scheduled with a periodontist to remove my formerly loose 2nd molar on August 23rd. I scheduled the appointment this week because I sensed that my tooth had stabilized. My dentist took the XRay and we were all amazed at the change. She cancelled my appointment for the extraction, bone graft and getting me ready for an implant because of the level of bone recovery in this short period of time.

Please take a look at the attached side by side photos. The left image is from Monday Aug 6th and the right is the one from May 8th, 2018. In addition to taking your product trio, I also stepped up my brushing and flossing, but my dentist said that the improved care would not explain the bone recovery. I passed along your website to her as she was blown away by the change in 3 months and has patients she wants to tell about your product.

Lee in Hawaii

Recommend it to my own patients

I first heard of Dr. McCormick while reading a nutritional journal article on osteoporosis (Thorne Research.com). I was looking for greater understanding of my own early onset osteoporosis, and couldn’t believe my luck when I discovered he was not only located in the US, but within driving distance! (This article was & remains the most comprehensive I have ever found) As a healthcare provider myself, I know how difficult it can be to get good guidance for chronic and progressive health conditions. I found this with Dr. McCormick. With his knowledge of bone metabolism combined with his compassionate & thorough approach I have navigated my way to better health.

Making the decision to take medication for osteoporosis was one of the more difficult of my life to date. This process became doable with Dr. McCormick‘s help. When there were no nutritional supplements on the market of high enough quality, Dr. McCormick formulated his own line. I continue to utilize his supplement line today, and to recommend it to my own patients. Dr. McCormick’s book on bone health is the best resource I have found.”

Dr. Wendy Pollock, DC, CCH in Maine

Fracture free and enjoy an active lifestyle

I have been consulting with Dr. Keith McCormick and taking Osteonaturals supplements since 2011, when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, at age 39.  I read his book, The Whole Body Approach to Osteoporosis, which helped me understand bone health and nutritional remedies, in depth.  It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read!  For the past 7 years, Dr. McCormick has been guiding me through diagnostic tests and a treatment plan, and I have managed to stay fracture free and enjoy an active lifestyle, practicing yoga, swimming, hiking, and traveling.  I am grateful for the compassionate and expert care I have received from Dr. McCormick, and I highly recommend working with him for the treatment of osteoporosis!

Catherine in New Mexico

on the right track, feeling better then ever

I had the good fortune to come across Dr. Keith McCormick’s book, The Whole-Body Approach to Osteoporosis: How to Improve Bone Strength and Reduce your Fracture Risk. Having been diagnosed with Severe Osteoporosis I was encouraged by his science backed “whole body” approach. I had seen 3 different endocrinologists over 8 years and each wanted me on bisphosphonates which I was not ready for. Dr. Keith and I consulted by phone and his ability to listen to my story and hear me encouraged me to follow up on my own intuitions that my parathyroid was not functioning well. Because I had normal calcium it was a difficult diagnosis and probably why the endo’s all missed it. I did follow up and the parathyroid surgery revealed 3 of my glands not functioning properly. They have been removed and now I take the OsteoNatural supplements. I’m on the right track, feeling better then ever and looking forward to increasing my bone density in a whole body approach.

Thank you Dr. Keith for your in depth understanding of osteoporosis, and for your kind and empathetic manner in sharing your knowledge with those of us who have it.

Nancy in Oregon

a comprehensive path of how to really achieve better bone health

Two years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteopenia following a bone density scan. I was quite distraught. I had thought that I was taking good care of my health. Medical doctors, though perhaps well intended, gave a cold, bleak assessment. Their only offering was controversial medication that from what I read could make my condition worse.

A friend told me about Dr. McCormick. I read his book and then scheduled an in person consult. Dr. McCormick gave me a comprehensive path of how to really achieve better bone health. We discussed relevant lab tests, nutrition, ways to reduce bone destroying inflammation and exercise. I found in Dr. McCormick a compassionate, caring and highly intelligent health care professional. For the firsttime since being diagnosed with osteoporosis I had hope that my situation could improve and that all was not bleak. Through emails and follow up telephone consults Dr. McCormick patiently answered my questions and coached me in my progress. Two years later my biomarkers showed that the bone destroying osteoclastic activity in my body had slowed down to a healthy rate. My bone density scan showed that my condition stabilized.

Dr. McCormick is the foremost authority in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. He has a sophisticated understanding of the biochemistry and microbiology of bone formation. In him you will find a knowledgeable yet down to earth, humble doctor.  He has helped me improve my physical health and perhaps as equally important, helped me to regain a spirit of optimism. I only wish that I had been under his care 10 years sooner.

John in Boston MA

doing what I need to to keep this disease in check

I am a dancer and very much afraid of osteoporosis as well as the dangerous medications out there. When I found out that Dr McCormick did research in order to help himself I thought, “Now there is someone I can trust to help me.” From his book I learned exactly what I was dealing with and some steps I could take to help myself. I booked an appointment and with his guidance as to the best tests to take and help in interpreting them, I feel confident that I am doing what I need to to keep this disease in check. I also feel that I am getting what I need in supplements thanks to his suggestions. It is indeed a silent disease as I cannot see what my bones are doing. But I am able to relax a bit more knowing that I CAN do something about it.

Joanne in Massachusetts

such a great feeling to know I am on the right path

Dear Dr.  McCormick,

I was thinking about you today. I was a lucky day when I was recommended your book “The Whole-Body Approach to Osteoporosis”! My bone density test was not good and thinking I am too young for this! I felt overwhelmed with where to start the process but now having been on this mission for over 2 years I can return to the book and more so understand what is being written in layman language. That is such a great feeling to know I am on the right path.  I want to thank you for getting me started in the right direction to try to fix this!  I want to thank you for responding when I had a question about test results or supplements.  I can’t wait to read your next blog as it reminds me this is a long-term journey.

I appreciate that the OsteoNaturals line is quality driven.  That is part of my healing process and I feel I am doing the best I can for myself in that regard. I just wanted you to get a big THANK YOU today!   You’re the best!

Sharon in California

credit this product with protection from breaking any bones when I fell

I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in 2016 when I had a severe fracture. I tried a bunch of supplements and read a bunch of books. The other supplements gave me heart palpitations. But I take OsteoStim and OsteoSustain. A few months ago I had a fall and ended up bruised everywhere and I did not break anything.

I credit this product with protection from breaking any bones when I fell which I would have before. I would have broken bones if I was not taking it and I know that from experience. I am not on any Osteoporosis medication either! I think the reason Dr. McCormick’s book and supplements are so effective is that he had Osteoporosis too. Plus he is a man. Yes I said it he is a man.  What I mean by that is women are told just take this medicine that will kill you and they do.  If a man didn’t have Osteoporosis women would all be taking certain drugs that I will not name here. If a man had to have a Stereotactic core biopsy they would die! So I for one am happy Dr. McCormick did all of this research. He did all of the research I would be doing if he didn’t do it for me. I read some of the other books out there and their diet info was seriously bad! Even official Osteoporosis web sites around the world give erroneous information about nutrition.

Dr. McCormick’s information about nutrition and Osteoporosis in general is up to date and helpful if you read his blog not to mention you can’t get most of his info anywhere else. He has given me great advice that even my doctors do not know and some of them are world famous. One, a famous rheumatologist that treats patients with Osteoporosis. He is a nice person but clueless when it comes to Osteoporosis.

If you have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis you need to at the very least read Dr McCormick’s book and take the supplements. He had Osteoporosis so he was motivated to produce the best supplements. Some company’s are just in it for the money and their supplements are not as effective and have harmful side effects. I have had no side effects with OsteoNaturals. Plus they are super effective! You cannot find a better supplement or a better book for Osteoporosis!

I recently had a bone density test and for the very first time in my life, I had no significant bone loss!

Throughout my long battle with osteoporosis, I have tried many suggested treatments from my doctors. Fosamax left me with a damaged esophagus though I took it exactly as directed. I then took daily injections of Forteo for the maximum two years which I responded well to. However, no one told me that I should have “saved” a year nor that I needed to follow up with another treatment. As a result, I lost all that I gained.

I consulted with Dr. McCormick and began taking OsteoNaturals. In addition I was exercising with the help of Teresa Maldonado Marchok’s DVD and walking several miles per day for a year and a half. This had to stop due to a broken shoulder and joint problems in my knees and ankles. But I kept taking the supplements from Dr. McCormick.

I recently had a bone density test and for the very first time in my life, I had no significant bone loss!! My endocrinologist said I was stable. In addition, I had an extensive beyond normal root canal. I had to return for a recheck after six months. The endodontist remarked how nicely the bone had grown around the tooth! I have to say that the supplements had to make a huge difference for me. I realize everyone is different, but these supplements are worth a try for anyone who is trying to support bone health.”



Gerri in Atlanta, GA

Scientifically ­based and clinically proven supplements for the treatment of osteoporosis.

Each of our formulas is born from close attention to the latest in nutrition and osteoporosis research. Our supplements and products are packed with ingredients of uncompromised quality, absorbability, and functional efficacy. Whether you have been diagnosed with osteopenia, osteoporosis, or are simply looking for nutritional support to help maintain strong, healthy bones, OsteoNaturals is the answer to your bones’ needs.

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OsteoSustain is a vitamin/mineral supplement formulated to sustain bone health and provide natural support for low bone density (osteopenia or osteoporosis).

Osteo Stim
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OsteoStim is a potent blend of antioxidants, vitamins, milk basic protein and medicinal herbs uniquely formulated to encourage normal bone metabolism (bone resorption and formation), support individuals with low bone density (osteopenia and osteoporosis), and manage the metabolic processes of osteoporosis.

Osteo Mineral Boost
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OsteoMineralBoost is a mineral supplement which combines calcium (MCHA), magnesium, and trace minerals (Aquamin seaweed), plus betaine HCL for improved digestion/absorption. OsteoMineralBoost supplies an extra dose of magnesium at a ratio of 10:6, calcium:magnesium.

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OsteoMineralWhey is a 100% natural, mineral rich, electrolyte replacement from goat-milk whey. This highly complex food contains more than 20 naturally occurring minerals; an ideal natural dietary supplement for individuals with bone loss (osteopenia or osteoporosis).

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