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Yoga for Better Bone Health By Sarah Mapes

I am always in search of great people that can help my patients improve their bone health. I recently met Sarah Mapes, a yoga teacher with training specific to osteoporosis. Sarah is a BoneFit certified teacher. Her interest in bone health developed while caring for her grandmother through two osteoporotic hip fractures. She has seen first hand how life changing

fractures can be and is committed to helping others reduce their fracture risk.

Sarah teaches yoga through convenient online fitness classes that are available in both live and prerecorded formats. These classes focus on building strength, improving balance, posture and flexibility, and stimulating bone growth in an osteoporosis-safe way.

You can learn more about Sarah’s exercise program for osteoporosis here:

Visit Sarah’s website at

You can even schedule a time with Sarah to see if her program is right for you at



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