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Thanksgiving Sale: OsteoCollagen-Pep is ON SALE

It's no coincidence that early sailors complained of bone pain as one of their symptoms when they contracted scurvy. Not only did their gums bleed and their teeth fall out, but they also suffered disruption in collagen synthesis and rapid bone loss, which caused deep inner bone pain.

The role vitamin C plays for bone health isn't limited to that of antioxidant and cofactor of enzymes required to synthesize bone collagen. Vitamin C also assists genetic regulation of bone formation by promoting the development of osteoblasts from mesenchymal stem cells and then boosting production of collagen and bone matrix. In addition, vitamin C prevents bone loss by suppressing inflammation. It has been well documented that people who take in higher dietary or supplemental vitamin C have fewer hip and non-vertebral fractures than those with lower intakes.

To optimize bone health take in at least 500 mg/day of vitamin C from food and supplements. That, plus a scoop or two of OsteoCollagen-Pep can be a great support to your skeletal health. (One scoop of collagen in the morning and one in the evening for a total of 10grams/day.)


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