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Easy Cooking for Bone Health

I must apologize for being so remiss in posting blogs this year. It's not that I don't have anything to say, in fact I have a whole new book of things to say. And that is my excuse. Yes, Covid-19 certainly put a wrench in things this year, as it did in everyone's life, but my real excuse is that every single moment I have free is being devoted to my new book on osteoporosis. I am desperately trying to get it out by mid-2022.

This new book promises to bring new cutting edge information on osteoporosis. It is not that my first book, The Whole-Body Approach to Osteoporosis, is out of date, it is just that this new book will keep going where that book left off. There is so much more to tell you about, and I am totally excited to share it all with you. Chapters of the new book include:

- Bone Biology

- The Web (an explanation of how and why all your organs affect bone health)

- The Pathophysiology of Bone Loss

- Chronic Systemic Inflammation and Osteoimmunology

- The Causes of Bone Loss

- Genetics, Epigenetics, Your Glycome, and How to Limit Senoinflammation

- The Gastrointestinal Tract and Osteomicrobiology

- Technology for Evaluating Bone Loss

- The Use of Therapeutic Targets - Laboratory Testing

- Top Ten Steps to Better Bones

- Nutrients for Bone Health

- Exercise For Better Bones

- Therapeutic Modalities for Osteoporosis

- Osteoporosis Specific Medications and How to Use Them if Necessary

- Care of the Transgender Osteoporosis Patient

- The Future of Osteoporosis Treatment

I also want to take this time to to tell you about a really cool new meal/cooking program. My colleague, Irma Jennings, INHC has created the 7 Day Meal Plan - Easy Cooking for Bone Health which includes 27 recipes for all types of eaters; animal, vegetarian, and vegan.

Irma sent me this program to look at last week and it is really impressive. I whole-heartedly recommend owning this great eating plan. My bone supportive supplements work wonders for your bones, however, they are designed to supplement, not take the place of, your bone-loving foods. If you want to make bone-healthy eating with delicious bone-loving ingredients and be able to easily track your nutrient intake to ensure stronger bones, Easy Cooking for Bone Health does both. This delightful e-guide is full of great tasting, nutritious, simple and scientifically sophisticated recipes, and provides “Nutrition Facts Per Serving” (yes, no more guessing!). Irma's program includes: shopping lists, printable recipes, anti-nutrients information, product reviews, soaking and storage tips and references. Cook-Once-Eat-Twice is a food budget saver. There is also a clickable table of contents for ease in navigating this e-guide. Plus 5 cooking videos! This great investment in your bones is only $47.00
 Bone Appetit.
 click the link below to learn more and to purchase
 Note on Irma's Bones Tribe Membership: In addition to Irma's 7 Day Meal plan she offers her Bones Tribe Membership.

I know from personal experience how frustrating, scary, and lonely it can be when you've been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I get it...I've been there. Irma's Bones Tribe is where a person with osteoporosis does not have to feel alone in their diagnosis. Irma offers community support from a place of personal experience. This is where like-minded women come together in her monthly Bones Tribe Membership and attend two monthly coaching calls.

Plus - LECTURES: You'll find cutting edge lectures from: - Functional doctor Kristann Heinz, RD, MD on protein, acid/alkaline and the impact of spices - Kathy Sumner PT, DPT, WCS, pelvic floor expert on "Kegels, Kyphosis and Osteoporosis. Do you

Pee when you Giggle?" - Aly Cohen, MD Integrative Rheumatologist, who co-authored Non-Toxic: Guide to Living Healthy in a Chemical World and the impact toxins play on our bone health - Herbs for Your Bones with Master Herbalist Chris Dalziel. - And I'm pleased that my supplement and collagen lectures, which helps to unmask the confusion, are also included in the Bones Tribe Membership.

Plus - CHARTS: 
Tracking charts: Great for keeping track of your DXA/ TBS, bloodwork, bone markers Irma also offers her comprehensive food chart that lists calcium-rich foods: leafy greens, cruciferous, root vegetables, other vegetables, squash, nightshades, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, grains, dairy, non-dairy milks, protein (meats, egg, fish) spices, fermented foods, seaweed, and mineral waters. This chart is great for making bone-healthy recipes easy to create. Bones Tribe Membership is $37 a month (you may cancel at any time).
 You don't have to go this alone, like I did! It took years for me to gain this knowledge. Click the link below to learn from other members and purchase.
 If you have any questions you can email Irma at:

Have a happy and safe New Year. I SO SO hope 2022 is way better than (dismal) 2021! DrM

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