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How Osteoporosis was Reversed to Normal without Drugs

Published: Feb. 21, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. ET Feb 21, 2023 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- When osteoporosis was diagnosed, there was a fear that the rest of the life would be spent tiptoeing around hip fractures. The doctor prescribed Fosamax, a standard drug treatment option for osteoporosis caused by menopause, gonadal failure, and steroid use. She never likes to try anything new – supplement, prescription, exercise regimen, diet, just name it – without research. It didn’t take long to find out that Fosamax was not an idial drug. The extensive list of side effects, counterindications, and the 500 lawsuits against its manufacturer Merk & Co alleging that patients were not warned of the risk of developing thigh bone fractures. Avoiding fractures was the whole reason for looking into taking this drug in the first place. More information and more options were needed to know what is suitable.

That’s when someone referred to chiropractic physician R. Keith McCormick, DC. Keith’s patient-centered approach helped to understand the biological mechanisms of bone loss, the cause and contributing factors of my osteoporosis, and a range of pharmaceutical and natural treatment options available. With combined effort a treatment plan that consisted of strength training and dietary improvements was created. Within 14 months, the osteoporosis improved to osteopenia, and then from osteopenia to healthy bone density. No drugs, no side effects, and came away with a deeper knowledge of what body needs for skeletal health. McCormick’s new book, Great Bones: Taking Control of Your Osteoporosis is the culmination of decades of research that began with healing himself of the disease. He had been an Olympic pentathlete, competing in running, swimming, shooting, fencing and horse jumping. At the age of 45, McCormick had suffered 12 fractures and was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. He set out to learn everything he could about the disease, and how to reverse bone loss. He now participates in Ironman competitions and has not suffered a fracture in over 15 years. Great Bones is a comprehensive compilation of McCormick’s decades of research into skeletal health, the breadth of causes of osteoporosis, the biological mechanisms of bone loss, and both natural and pharmaceutical treatment options, arming readers with the information they need to work with their healthcare providers to develop effective, individualized treatment plans that work. When it comes to the health, knowledge is power. Great Bones empowers readers to gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of their own bodies, and how decisions and actions impact the skeletal health.

To get the copy of Great Bones: Taking Control of the Osteoporosis, contact R. Keith McCormick, DC at 145 Old Amherst Road, Belchertown MA 01007, by phone at 413-658-7047, or by email at Take control of your the health and live without fear of bone fracture.


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