I first heard of Dr. McCormick while reading a nutritional journal article on osteoporosis (Thorne Research.com). I was looking for greater understanding of my own early onset osteoporosis, and couldn’t believe my luck when I discovered he was not only located in the US, but within driving distance! (This article was & remains the most comprehensive I have ever found) As a healthcare provider myself, I know how difficult it can be to get good guidance for chronic and progressive health conditions. I found this with Dr. McCormick. With his knowledge of bone metabolism combined with his compassionate & thorough approach I have navigated my way to better health.

Making the decision to take medication for osteoporosis was one of the more difficult of my life to date. This process became doable with Dr. McCormick‘s help. When there were no nutritional supplements on the market of high enough quality, Dr. McCormick formulated his own line. I continue to utilize his supplement line today, and to recommend it to my own patients. Dr. McCormick’s book on bone health is the best resource I have found.”