I had the good fortune to come across Dr. Keith McCormick’s book, The Whole-Body Approach to Osteoporosis: How to Improve Bone Strength and Reduce your Fracture Risk. Having been diagnosed with Severe Osteoporosis I was encouraged by his science backed “whole body” approach. I had seen 3 different endocrinologists over 8 years and each wanted me on bisphosphonates which I was not ready for. Dr. Keith and I consulted by phone and his ability to listen to my story and hear me encouraged me to follow up on my own intuitions that my parathyroid was not functioning well. Because I had normal calcium it was a difficult diagnosis and probably why the endo’s all missed it. I did follow up and the parathyroid surgery revealed 3 of my glands not functioning properly. They have been removed and now I take the OsteoNatural supplements. I’m on the right track, feeling better then ever and looking forward to increasing my bone density in a whole body approach.

Thank you Dr. Keith for your in depth understanding of osteoporosis, and for your kind and empathetic manner in sharing your knowledge with those of us who have it.