When I was diagnosed at age 58 with severe osteoporosis resulting in ten fractured vertebrae, I felt shocked, scared, confused, and powerless. Desperately unhappy with the information I was being given about my treatment and prospects for recovery, I began to seek out alternatives.

After several months of grinding through a lot of conflicting and competing sources of information, I had the great good fortune to find Dr. McCormick and he has been a tremendous help to me.

His willingness to share generously of his knowledge and expertise have benefited me greatly as I’ve been trying to navigate my way through a strange new world of foreign medical jargon and treatment options with potentially troublesome side effects, and his OsteoNaturals supplements have solved the other daunting problem of how best to address my condition nutritionally.

I could not recommend Dr. McCormick more highly as a clear, caring, and highly capable resource for anyone looking to take more control of their health, improve their approach to their own self-care, and give themselves a better shot at living successfully and optimistically with the challenges of osteoporosis.