I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in 2016 when I had a severe fracture. I tried a bunch of supplements and read a bunch of books. The other supplements gave me heart palpitations. But I take OsteoStim and OsteoSustain. A few months ago I had a fall and ended up bruised everywhere and I did not break anything.

I credit this product with protection from breaking any bones when I fell which I would have before. I would have broken bones if I was not taking it and I know that from experience. I am not on any Osteoporosis medication either! I think the reason Dr. McCormick’s book and supplements are so effective is that he had Osteoporosis too. Plus he is a man. Yes I said it he is a man.  What I mean by that is women are told just take this medicine that will kill you and they do.  If a man didn’t have Osteoporosis women would all be taking certain drugs that I will not name here. If a man had to have a Stereotactic core biopsy they would die! So I for one am happy Dr. McCormick did all of this research. He did all of the research I would be doing if he didn’t do it for me. I read some of the other books out there and their diet info was seriously bad! Even official Osteoporosis web sites around the world give erroneous information about nutrition.

Dr. McCormick’s information about nutrition and Osteoporosis in general is up to date and helpful if you read his blog not to mention you can’t get most of his info anywhere else. He has given me great advice that even my doctors do not know and some of them are world famous. One, a famous rheumatologist that treats patients with Osteoporosis. He is a nice person but clueless when it comes to Osteoporosis.

If you have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis you need to at the very least read Dr McCormick’s book and take the supplements. He had Osteoporosis so he was motivated to produce the best supplements. Some company’s are just in it for the money and their supplements are not as effective and have harmful side effects. I have had no side effects with OsteoNaturals. Plus they are super effective! You cannot find a better supplement or a better book for Osteoporosis!