I have been using OsteoStim, Sustain and Mineral Boost since May of this year after my dentist discovered that I had significant bone loss in my lower right jaw – last 2 molar area. My Osteopath recommended I take your supplements and I have had an amazing level of bone recovery as evidenced in comparative XRays (attached) taken this week (on August 6th) and May 8th.

My dentist was so concerned that I was scheduled with a periodontist to remove my formerly loose 2nd molar on August 23rd. I scheduled the appointment this week because I sensed that my tooth had stabilized. My dentist took the XRay and we were all amazed at the change. She cancelled my appointment for the extraction, bone graft and getting me ready for an implant because of the level of bone recovery in this short period of time.

Please take a look at the attached side by side photos. The left image is from Monday Aug 6th and the right is the one from May 8th, 2018. In addition to taking your product trio, I also stepped up my brushing and flossing, but my dentist said that the improved care would not explain the bone recovery. I passed along your website to her as she was blown away by the change in 3 months and has patients she wants to tell about your product.