Two years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteopenia following a bone density scan. I was quite distraught. I had thought that I was taking good care of my health. Medical doctors, though perhaps well intended, gave a cold, bleak assessment. Their only offering was controversial medication that from what I read could make my condition worse.

A friend told me about Dr. McCormick. I read his book and then scheduled an in person consult. Dr. McCormick gave me a comprehensive path of how to really achieve better bone health. We discussed relevant lab tests, nutrition, ways to reduce bone destroying inflammation and exercise. I found in Dr. McCormick a compassionate, caring and highly intelligent health care professional. For the firsttime since being diagnosed with osteoporosis I had hope that my situation could improve and that all was not bleak. Through emails and follow up telephone consults Dr. McCormick patiently answered my questions and coached me in my progress. Two years later my biomarkers showed that the bone destroying osteoclastic activity in my body had slowed down to a healthy rate. My bone density scan showed that my condition stabilized.

Dr. McCormick is the foremost authority in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. He has a sophisticated understanding of the biochemistry and microbiology of bone formation. In him you will find a knowledgeable yet down to earth, humble doctor.  He has helped me improve my physical health and perhaps as equally important, helped me to regain a spirit of optimism. I only wish that I had been under his care 10 years sooner.