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Great Bones

It's here! Two and a half years in the making: GREAT BONES - Taking Control of Your Osteoporosis.

"Dr. McCormick has crafted a masterful guide that merges the best of the natural and

pharmacological approaches to osteoporosis. With plenty of technical info for medical professionals, presented in an accessible manner that non-technical-oriented patients can understand — and act on to improve their bone health — this book is nothing short of revolutionary. Every healthcare professional who treats patients with osteoporosis and every patient suffering its effects must read Great Bones." —Micah Yu, MD Triple Board-Certified Rheumatology, Internal Medicine, and Lifestyle Medicine

"Dr. McCormick has spent his professional life on the cutting edge of osteoporosis research and intervention. His knowledge of the disease is unparalleled. I’ve learned more from him than I ever did in pharmacy school and my 15 years of clinical practice. If you’re looking for the ultimate resource and most current information on the subject of osteoporosis, you’ve found it!" —David Strassburg, RPh, President, Strassburg Medical


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