The OsteoNaturals difference is four-fold:

Quality: We are the manufacturer of OsteoNaturals supplements and because of this we CAN and DO choose ONLY the best ingredients possible to put into our products. Our ingredients have undergone strict testing to ensure safety and bioactive potency. Our OsteoNaturals products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities that strictly adhere to FDA manufacturing, testing, and labeling specifications.

Absorbability: We use Albion Advanced Nutrition minerals. Albion is the leader in quality, chelated minerals with outstanding absorption.

Therapeutic Quantities: We do not “window dress” our products with ineffective doses of ingredients. We don’t put in “a little bit of this and a little bit of that” just to make our products “look” good. We use clinically-backed, therapeutic dosages to gain optimal results. Our mission is to help you improve your bone health and we do not settle for less.

Unique Ingredients: OsteoNaturals is the only product on the market with the following two-pronged approach to bone health.

We provide:
ALL of the vitamins and minerals vital for improving bone health, and
A blend of antioxidants and medicinal herbs that have been researched and carefully chosen for their ability to reduce osteoclastic bone destruction, increase osteoblastic bone formation, and aid in the reduction of chronic systemic inflammation, the major cause of bone loss.

NO OTHER MANUFACTURER DOES THIS! NONE! Our formulas are designed not only to provide all the nutrients necessary for bone health but also to encourage normal bone metabolism and reduce the adverse metabolic processes commonly seen in people with osteoporosis.