In response to concerns about supplemental calcium and cardiovascular health, OsteoNaturals formulas limit the amount of calcium in each tablet. We take these concerns seriously and endorse the position that more is not necessarily better. We understand the extreme need for safety when designing nutritional health care products. We therefore closely scrutinize all pertinent medical research when
choosing the form and potency of our ingredients. Our goal is to not only design the highest quality products possible, but to make sure they are effective and meet the therapeutic needs of our customers.

It is important to obtain adequate calcium for optimal skeletal health, and this is difficult to achieve through dietary sources alone. Supplementing with calcium in a safe manner is therefore important, especially for individuals suffering from osteopenia or osteoporosis and in need of higher doses of supplemental calcium. Not only is it essential to supplement with quality forms of calcium (such as those used in our OsteoSustain TM and OsteoMineralBoost TM products) but also to take them in moderate dosages.

In an effort to be cautious, but also to provide effective dosages, we have chosen what we consider an optimal amount of calcium to put into our products. OsteoSustain TM contains only 166 mg calcium per each tablet and our OsteoMineralBoost TM tablets contain 140 mg. OsteoSustain TM also provides bioavailable magnesium, vitamins D and K, and trace minerals to enhance calcium uptake and utilization, and put it where it belongs, into the bones. In addition to calcium in the form of hydroxyapatite, OsteoMineralBoost TM contains highly absorbable magnesium, trace minerals from Aquamin seaweed, and betaine hydrochloric acid (HCL) for improved mineral absorption. As we age, the production of HCL in the stomach often declines leading to poor digestion and under-assimilation of nutrients. By taking OsteoMineralBoost TM you can be assured of optimal absorptibility.

At OsteoNaturals we believe in GENTLY providing the body with what it needs to build bone. Taking 3 OsteoSustain TM tablets spread out over the day with meals provides 500 mg calcium in a safe, effective manner. For individuals with severe bone loss, we recommend taking in slightly more calcium each day by way of an additional 1 to 3 tablets of OsteoMineralBoost TM . This “Boost” in protocol not only adds more calcium to a daily regimen but also important trace minerals. As some people with severe bone loss benefit greatly from taking 3 tablets each of the OsteoSustain TM and OsteoMineralBoost TM daily, our formulas take this into consideration. It is safe to take 1 OsteoSustain TM and 1 OsteoMineralBoost TM at a single sitting. When taken together, they provide 315 mg calcium, which is well below the generally considered safe dose of 400 mg per sitting. Taking 500 mg or more of supplemental calcium at one sitting can “spike” blood calcium levels. We do not recommend taking high doses of calcium as it could potentially interfere with normal heart rhythms. This concern is cautionary only as research has not determined if this spiking has any long-term deleterious effects.