How Does OsteoNaturals Address The Calcium Dosing Issue?

In response to concerns about supplemental calcium and cardiovascular health, OsteoNaturals formulas limit the amount of calcium in each tablet. We take these concerns seriously and endorse the position that more is not necessarily better. We understand the extreme need for safety when designing nutritional health care products. We therefore closely scrutinize all pertinent medical [...]

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How can I reduce Low-Level Chronic Systemic Inflammation (the most common cause of excessive bone loss/osteoporosis) and strengthen my skeleton?

Low-level inflammation causes bone loss. It can also set the stage for other diseases. Heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression, and even cancer all share a common unifying factor with osteoporosis: chronic, systemic inflammation. You will want to eliminate whatever is causing inflammation in your life. This means food allergens, microbial overgrowth, hormonal imbalances, environmental toxins [...]

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What makes OsteoNaturals products different and how can they help?

The OsteoNaturals difference is four-fold: Quality: We are the manufacturer of OsteoNaturals supplements and because of this we CAN and DO choose ONLY the best ingredients possible to put into our products. Our ingredients have undergone strict testing to ensure safety and bioactive potency. Our OsteoNaturals products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities that strictly [...]

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