Stem Cell Therapy for Osteoporosis

Still in its infancy but looking promising is stem cell therapy for osteoporosis. California's UC Davis is home to the Institute for Regenerative Cures, a leading player in regenerative medicine. Preliminary research with mice, published in Nature Medicine, demonstrated that bone density and strength could be improved using a molecule called LLP2A-Ale that directs mesenchymal stem cells to [...]

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Escape Fire

CNN recently aired "Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare"-- a fantastic but utterly depressing documentary that focuses on the problems facing America's broken health care system and attempts to define solutions. The issue that most resonated with me, as Dr. Andrew Weil puts it in the film: health care today is really just [...]

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Oxytocin (and Nipple Stimulation) Improves Bone Density

Oxytocin is produced by the posterior pituatary gland in the brain. This hormone is best known for its role in promoting uterine contractions during childbirth but it is also involved in sexual arousal and orgasm, thus the label, "love hormone." Oxytocin is also important for social behaviors such as trust, contentment, empathy, bonding, and love. [...]

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