Irma Jennings – Great Resource for Dietary Guidance to Better Bone Health

I was first introduced to Ms Irma Jennings several months ago and quickly realized that she is one of those special people in the field of bone health. As the founder of Food For Healthy Bones Irma is a great resource for anyone in need of help in designing and sticking to a bone-healthy diet. [...]

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DX Severe Osteoporosis: Part IV — Zebras

The Will "Sometimes you don't know how deep inside you can go until you put yourself in a place where there is nothing between you and the mirror in front of you to blur the image; a mirror that shows not just your form, but your capacity--what you are made of. To give off light, [...]

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DX Severe Osteoporosis: Part II — A Burning

"Our lives are a burning. The physical processes that fuel and sustain us--breathing and eating--are kinds of burning. Our passion also is a kind of fire. When our lives are lit by our passions, they give off light and heat. In the end our bodies are consumed, and only the gold is left." R. Keith [...]

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Miami 2 NYC: Jim Made It!

Yesterday, Jim Brassord of Amherst, Massachusetts rowed past Staten Island, under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, through the treacherous ship-filled Upper Bay, past the Statue of Liberty and into the North Cove Marina in Lower Manhattan. This was the culmination of his 59 day, 1601 mile unassisted row up the eastern coast of the United States. Jim [...]

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More on the Epigenetics of Osteoporosis

Our DNA's genetic code dictates much of who we are both physically and mentally. Genetics is also a determinant of health – good or poor.  Inherited genetic conditions can be caused by a single-gene defect or by complex factors including multiple genes and impacted by lifestyle and environmental factors.    Earlier this month I wrote [...]

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A Crisis in the Treatment of Osteoporosis can be Turned Around with a Paradigm Shift

According to an editorial by Drs. Khosla and Shane in the August 2016 Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, there is A Crisis in the Treatment of Osteoporosis.(1) I totally agree...but my call to action is different. The point of the editorial is that even with all the “remarkable advances in the diagnosis and treatment [...]

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