Update September 4, 2019: OsteoStim is back in stock with a new and improved formula.


As many of you are aware, OsteoStim is temporarily out of stock. We strive to obtain only the best ingredients to put in our OsteoNaturals products and sometimes this hampers the manufacturing process. The good news is that we hope to have OsteoStim back on our shelves in four weeks. The formula has changed slightly as we have replaced Bioferrin with curcumin (Meriva, 29 times greater absorption than other curcumins on the market) and grape skin/seed proanthocyanidin extract for added anti-inflammatory power. Together these two ingredients help boost the power of OsteoStim to calm osteoclastic bone destruction and limit apoptosis (cell death) of bone building osteoblasts.

We know you will be pleased with this new and improved OsteoStim formula. OsteoStim should be back in stock by the beginning of October.

Thank you for your patience.

As always:

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