Irma Jennings – Great Resource for Dietary Guidance to Better Bone Health

I was first introduced to Ms Irma Jennings several months ago and quickly realized that she is one of those special people in the field of bone health. As the founder of Food For Healthy Bones Irma is a great resource for anyone in need of help in designing and sticking to a bone-healthy diet. [...]

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The importance of Bone Mineral Density Exams (DXA scans)

The Importance of Bone Mineral Density Exams (DXA scans) A dual-energy absorptiometry (DXA) scan can provide a snapshot of your bonehealth. This test determines bone mineral density (BMD) and helps in establishingfracture risk, and, with serial testing, is a way to measure response to osteoporosistreatment. The most widely recognized test for determining BMD is the [...]

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