DX Severe Osteoporosis: Part V — A Race of a New Kind

"Without struggle, without enduring pain, there can be no full awareness of one's being." Crucibles of Will   This is Part V of a multi-part essay about my own personal experience with osteoporosis. I will be taking you through the diagnostic and treatment phases of my care in hopes that it provides you a better [...]

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DX Severe Osteoporosis: Part IV — Zebras

The Will "Sometimes you don't know how deep inside you can go until you put yourself in a place where there is nothing between you and the mirror in front of you to blur the image; a mirror that shows not just your form, but your capacity--what you are made of. To give off light, [...]

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Is Prolia the right choice to help reduce fracture risk ???

When faced with fractures from severe osteoporosis, taking a bone specific medication to gain bone density (and hopefully bone strength) can be warranted, at least in the short-term. Prolia (denosumab), or one of the four available bisphosphonate medications on the market, are typically the options given by medical doctors for treatment of osteoporosis. None of [...]

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