Good news: OsteoNaturals has been around for 5 years and we are growing daily. In fact, we have grown so rapidly in the past 6 months that production has not kept up with our order rate. Because of this, you may have noticed that OsteoSustain is currently on backorder (new shipment is due January 20th) and the OsteoStim supply is very low (new shipment is due February 1) – so low that we are asking our customers to only purchase one bottle at a time for now. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Please check our website for updates.

The other good news is that we are making these two products EVEN BETTER. We pay close attention to clinical research and continue honing our products to be sure you are getting the very best quality bone-health nutrition on the market.

OsteoSustain updates:

  • We have lowered the amount of calcium in each tablet slightly – from 175 mg to 166 mg. This will provide 500 mg of calcium daily when taking one tablet with each meal. It also provides leeway to be able to take two tablets at a time if necessary due to busy schedules. If more calcium is warranted due to diet or severity of bone loss, then either more OsteoSustain can be taken or one or two tablets of OsteoMineralBoost will boost daily calcium intake. For example, because I don’t consume much dairy in my diet I take in 780 mg supplemental calcium each day. This is provided in three tablets of OsteoSustain plus two OsteoMineralBoost spread out over the day. This is extremely safe and causes no surges in blood calcium levels. (1)
  • Because we find that so many people are deficient in magnesium, we have added more to our formula. Now OsteoSustain sports a full 100 mg of highly absorbable magnesium in EACH tablet (300 mg for 3 tablets). That is a 5:3 calcium/magnesium ratio which is perfect to produce new bone.
  • We have added a bit more vitamin C (now 200 mg in 3 tablets) and more zinc (now 10 mg in 3 tablets).
  • We are now GMO Free!

OsteoStim update:

  • We have enhanced the formula with the addition of low-iron lactoferrin. Clinical research demonstrates lactoferrin, a purified bioactive glycoprotein found naturally in milk, is anabolic to bone. Lactoferrin has been shown to reduce inflammation, stimulate the immune system, improve gut health, and best of all strengthen bones. Lactoferrin stimulates the production of osteoblasts to enhance bone formation while inhibiting osteoclasts (cells that destroy bone). The addition of lactoferrin to our OsteoStim makes this product by far the product of choice when searching for bone-health supplements. And, it is GMO free!
  • We have eliminated the green tea extract and reduced the alpha lipoic acid from 300 mg to 200 mg (in 3 capsules).

We are confident you will find these changes make our OsteoSustain and OsteoStim products even better! As always, the mission of OsteoNaturals is to provide the best nutrition products possible for skeletal health.

(1) With recent concerns about blood calcium spikes when taking supplemental calcium, we have fielded several questions about the safety of calcium (see my other blogs on this subject). Calcium in the right dosage is safe. Spiking occurs when manufacturers make supplements that contain 400 or more mg of calcium in each tablet. Our OsteoSustain NEVER came close to this excessive dose.