Every time I compete, I am reminded of how lucky I am to still be able to toe the line. Having osteoporosis, experiencing the collapse of my inner boney core, was not just tough on my capacity to engage in physical activity but it also undermined my self-confidence (at least temporarily). So during this Thanksgiving holiday week, I gave thanks. Thanks that I have been able to come back from those dark days. Not just come back to a level of health where I no longer break bones, but to a level necessary to train hard and compete in races. This weekend it was the Talking Turkey Race, a 6-miler in Holyoke, MA.

Steve Jones (left) and Keith at the 2014 Talking Turkey Race.

The race was special for me this year because I ran with my younger son and was also fortunate to win my age group. In addition, I had the pleasure of talking with Steve Jones before the race. Steve is the best marathon runner to ever come out of Britain. When Steve was in his prime he not only won several of the world’s most prestigious marathons (Chicago, London, New York, Toronto) but in 1984 he held the world record (2:08:05) for the marathon (26.2 miles). Steve now lives in Boulder, Colorado and came by to watch the race and cheer runners on.

So yes, no doubt I have been lucky, or at least extremely fortunate in my battle against osteoporosis. But it has also taken considerable effort over the past 15 years to make my skeleton healthier and stronger. I did things like drastically improve my diet, supplement with the best nutrients possible (you guessed it…all the stuff we put in our OsteoNaturals, of course), exercise (I always did that), and have the best attitude possible. Being able to compete again is an extraordinary gift that I don’t take for granted–especially on race day! I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving!