Thursday, September 11, 2014

70.3 Ironman Triathlon World Championships

This weekend I competed in the 70.3 Ironman TriathlonWorld Championships in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. Mont Tremblant was a fantastic venue to hold this event and the Canadians were incredible hosts. While driving to Canada from Massachusetts we passed through Montreal which was a real treat for me. I hadn't visited this city since 1976 when I participated in the Olympic Games.

The beautiful hamlet of Mont Tremblant is almost magical. No cars are allowed in the cozy pedestrian village itself and getting around is fun and easy via its cobble-stoned walkways and "over-the-village" ski-lift. The people of Mont Tremblant are extremely welcoming and there were lots of fun activities to do such as swimming, bungee jumping, miniature golf, and luge to keep my mind off the upcoming race.

Race day came and the weather was perfect. I started off with a good 1.2 mile swim being 4th out of the water in my age group. The 56 mile bike was challenging with some headwinds and lots of hills but I felt good up to around 40 miles...then I started to fall apart. The weeks leading up to the race hadn't been the best for training. I'd been pretty sick 4 weeks before the race and am still plagued by a nasty lingering cough. Then the day before the race (possibly from eating some smoked salmon) I developed plumbing issues that may have dehydrated me a bit. I'm not trying to make excuses (oh yes, and don't forget the mild concussion and pulmonary contusion from my bike crash 3 weeks ago...) but the bottom line is that when I got off the bike and headed out for the final 13.1 mile run portion of the race...I was toast. I had nothing left in the tank. End result...I finished 12th in my age group. Oh well...there is always next year...right? I am just grateful to be able to compete at this level. It was lots of fun but there is also lots of room for improvement.

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