Monday, July 14, 2014

Second Chances...Yes, it is Possible for Bone Health

2014 Northeast Champ: Olympic Distance Triathlon
Second chances in life don't just have to make them happen. When it comes to second chances in health, this can become a little more unpredictable but we still need to "make it happen." When I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis 15 years ago I not only knew very little about the disease but I was also totally floored because I THOUGHT I was already doing pretty much everything right as far as eating and life style choices were concerned. So WHY would I have poor bone health?

After immersing myself in the study of osteoporosis I quickly realized that there was A LOT I could do to help myself. Now, 15 years later and 60 years old, I feel so much stronger, so much healthier. I'm thankful to have made that second chance happen. Winning the Northeast Championships in triathlon this weekend makes me thank my lucky stars that second chances are possible...but they don't come without work.

You can make it happen too! It is NOT too late. That second chance is there for the taking...but it won't wait until tomorrow. Start making that second chance happen TODAY!

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