Second Chances…Yes, it is Possible for Bone Health

2014 Northeast Champ: Olympic Distance TriathlonSecond chances in life don't just have to make them happen. When it comes to second chances in health, this can become a little more unpredictable but we still need to "make it happen." When I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis 15 years ago I not only knew very [...]

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Osteoporosis: Bone Mineral Density (DXA) Exam vs Risk Factors

Clinical risk factors* for osteopenia and osteoporosis include:   - Loss of height   - Low body weight   - Advanced age   - Late age at menarche   - Menopausal   - Time since menopause   - Smoking   - Calcium intake   - Alcohol intake   - Medications   - Inflammatory conditions   - Prior fragility fractureBut: Risk factor assessment is NOT a substitute for [...]

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