A report out of Ireland in Phytotherapy Research sing the virtues of combining trace minerals and vitamin D for improving bone health. This 28 day in vitro study by Widaa et al. found that combining Aquamin, a natural multi-mineral supplement with vitamin D “yeilded a significant increase in ALP [alkaline phosphatase, a marker for increased osteoblast bone building activity] and mineralisation.” The researchers concluded that “Aquamin aids osteogenesis, and that its osteogenic response can be enhanced by combining Aquamin with Vitamin D3.”

This is why we formulated OsteoMineralBoost to include a hefty 250 mg of Aquamin, the trace mineral supplement derived from the red algae Lithothamnion species. Couple this with our OsteoStim product that packs 1,000 IU of vitamin D plus other important bone healthy ingredients and you get a great one-two punch for building bone.

Widaa, A., et al. 2013. The osteogenic potential of the marine-derived multi-mineral formula Aquamin is enhanced by the presence of vitamin D. Phytother Res doi: 101002/ptr.5038 [Epub ahead of print].