Aquamin Trace Minerals plus Vitamin D Stimulate Osteogenesis

A report out of Ireland in Phytotherapy Research sing the virtues of combining trace minerals and vitamin D for improving bone health. This 28 day in vitro study by Widaa et al. found that combining Aquamin, a natural multi-mineral supplement with vitamin D "yeilded a significant increase in ALP [alkaline phosphatase, a marker for increased osteoblast bone [...]

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Radio Show: Dr. Mara Karpel & Your Golden Years

Dr. Mara Karpel & Your Golden YearsJust a heads up that this Sunday (July 28) evening I'll be a guest on Dr. Mara Karpel & Your Golden Years radio show. Dr. Karpel is a geriatric clinical psychologist specializing in helping adults navigate through difficult health issues as they age. We will be talking about the [...]

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Fat in your blood increases fat in your bones…Not good for bone strength

In a study out of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, researchers investigated the association between fat levels in the blood and that within an obese person's bone marrow. High levels of bone marrow fat has previously been shown to correlate to low bone mineral density and increased fracture risk. Brendella et al. found [...]

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Hormone Therapy for Osteoporosis

The loss of estrogen production by the ovaries at menopause can have profound effects on skeletal health. Low estrogen levels in women are directly associated with lower bone mineral density and increased risk for fractures. Doctors have known this for years and in fact hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in the form of estrogen and progestin [...]

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Inactivity and Aging…A Bad Combination

Thought for the day:Inactivity causes a loss of slow twitch muscle fibers.Aging causes a loss of fast twitch muscle fibers.Inactivity + Aging = Loss of total muscle mass, weakness and increased risk for falls.Falls are the number one reason for fractures.By the end of today, you won't be any younger...

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Osteoporosis Risk Factors…What do they tell us?

If you visit the IOF (International Osteoporosis Foundation) web site you will find a short test that can help to determine your risk for osteoporosis. Most of you know by now that I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis at age 45 and sustained 12 fragility fractures over the next 5 years. I'm now 59 and no [...]

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