The mineral silicon (silica) is essential for quality bone formation. Increased silica intake has been associated with higher bone mineral density and improved bone strength. Unfortunately, most Americans do not obtain sufficient silica from their diets to promote optimal bone health.

For a short summary of what we know about the bone-specific benefits of silica and a review of the research, check out this article published in the International Journal of Endocrinology. Although further research is clearly needed, there is little doubt that silica is an important ingredient for bone health. The average American diet provides less than 20 mg/day of silica whereas 40 mg/day is considered optimal for promoting strong bones. Since most silica comes from whole grains and cereals, individuals on a gluten-free diet may find it even more difficult to obtain adequate levels from diet alone. For these reasons, we have included 21 mg natural silica from Horsetail extract in our comprehensive, bone-specific vitamin/mineral supplement, OsteoSustain.

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