Really Cool!

Just got a REALLY nice email...Dr. McCormick,I saw you almost 3 years ago, when I was 26 and had just suffered a compression fracture and multiple rib fractures.  After following your advice and seeing a significant improvement in June 2011, I sent you my improved DEXA scan, and some updates about how I was back [...]

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How “Anabolic Resistance” can Derail Your Fight Against Age-related Muscle and Bone Loss

A recent article by Bouillanne et al. in Clinical Nutrition explains why optimal protein intake can help limit muscle loss during aging and why this is vital for maintaining health."Aging per se is responsible for a gradual loss of skeletal muscle mass (40% from 20 to 80 years of age) and muscle function, termed sarcopenia.  [...]

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The pH Myth?

This is my response to Chris Kresser's blog post, The pH Myth. Hi Chris, Yes, I agree the body “tightly regulates the pH of our blood” and yes, blood pH will consistently remain close to 7.4 unless a person is critically ill. But this does not mean that people don’t develop chronic low-grade metabolic acidosis [...]

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Silicon plays an essential role in bone health

The mineral silicon (silica) is essential for quality bone formation. Increased silica intake has been associated with higher bone mineral density and improved bone strength. Unfortunately, most Americans do not obtain sufficient silica from their diets to promote optimal bone health. For a short summary of what we know about the bone-specific benefits of silica [...]

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Webinar: Chiropractic Care for Patients with Osteoporosis

As a chiropractic physician specializing in helping patients achieve optimal health through improved skeletal mechanics, it makes perfect sense that I extend this expertise to improving skeletal metabolic health. After all, recent research shows us that bone metabolism is intricately and inseparably related to the health of the rest of the body. There is no [...]

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On a Quest

I've been a competitive athlete all my life and my body has experienced MORE than its fair share of tissue damage: concussions, torn muscles, broken bones. Getting back in shape after an injury was never easy, but I always managed to bounce back...until I reached my 40's and was, well, slowed down somewhat by my [...]

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