Just released online by Lancet are the 12-month findings from a study combining two osteoporosis drugs. Researchers found that by combining teriparatide and denosumab, two drugs with different mechanisms, bone density improved more than if either drug was used on its own.

Findings: % improvement of bone mineral density after 12 months:
Lumbar spine:  teriparatide alone 6.2%, denosumab alone 5.5%, combined therapy 9.1%.
Femoral neck:  teriparatide alone 0.8%, denosumab alone 2.1%, combined therapy 4.2%.
Total hip:          teriparatide alone 0.7%, denosumab alone 2.5%, combined therapy 4.9%.

Although the results do look impressive, I’m sure the companies that funded the study (Amgen, manufacturer of Prolia; and Eli Lilly, manufacturer of Forteo) were even more ($) excited.