I just got an email from a patient that I had worked with about 4 or 5 years ago. Seana is a super elite runner but was diagnosed with low bone density and came to me for help. Her symptoms and a battery of lab tests indicated some problems that we were able to address through diet, nutrition and life-style changes. Seana moved away from the area and I lost contact with her until this recent email. This is an excerpt from her letter:

“I retired from racing, focused on getting my body to where it wanted to be normally, without trying to have it be as lean as possible to race. I moved to the beach, which really helped my spirit, fell in love, and then my period came back. I just kept doing what I was doing after that to maintain it. I really just followed what you suggested. You are truly the one who helped me get back on track because you helped me understand what I was doing to myself and the implications, and it gave me the permission I needed to stop doing that and make changes and honestly, if you had not cared so much to help me, I wouldn’t have likely heeded the guidance. If I hadn’t stopped that going down the path I was on, I may not have been able to conceive, and my son is by far the most joyful aspect of my life. So thank you so much Keith! I am so grateful to you!
That is so awesome about the new company, what an incredibly amazing asset for folks. I will indeed pass on the info about your blog too!
I really appreciate your help with my concern and thank you so much for your time!
No one I have found even remotely comes close to being as gifted a healer as you!”   Seana
Wow…now THAT’s what makes being in practice worth it! :)