Calcium Supplements and Cardiovascular Risk

As many of you know, I attended this year's Annual Meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research in Baltimore (October 4 - 7). While there, I sat in on some fascinating presentations on bone and muscle research--two of them, I thought may be of particularly interesting to you.  In 2008, a study [...]

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Radio Show: Osteoporosis: Silent, Searing and Bone Breaking

Aches and Gains with Dr. Paul Christo will feature the following shows this Saturday on Sirius XM Radio- Family Talk 131 ( from 8-9 am Eastern time. Podcasts accessible after the shows air on www.paulchristomd.comFollow Dr. Christo on Twitter or Facebook  for more information on cutting edge pain treatments, and success stories from those who have found [...]

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ASBMR Annual Meeting

I just returned from the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) held in Baltimore, MD. While there, I had the opportunity to meet lots of great researchers and doctors who specialize in osteoporosis plus sit in on lectures--all of which were absolutely packed with the latest discoveries in osteoporosis [...]

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Reducing Osteoporosis Fracture Risk

If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, or are at risk for this disease, you will need to strengthen your bones and reduce your risk for fracture. Options available to help reduce fracture risk include taking supplements, using prescribed medications, and/or making diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications. My philosophy is: “It doesn’t really matter how [...]

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The Future: Targeting Bone-Cracks With Drug-Carrying Nanoparticles

Take a look at the future for osteoporosis drug therapy.Research into drug delivery systems is hot, especially in the arena of nanotechnology. In a series of studies based at Penn State University and Boston University, researchers used self-powered nanoparticles to deliver medication (alendronate) right to the doorsteps of bone cracks themselves.Molecules moving inside a nanotubeInterestingly, [...]

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C-Reactive Protein: A Measure Of Oxidative Stress

Your body constantly reacts with oxygen as you breathe and your cells produce energy. As a consequence of this activity, highly reactive molecules are produced within our cells known as free radicals. If your body is unable to stop the spiraling free radical chain reaction (a molecule stealing an electron from another molecule, causing that [...]

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Mass Appeal Segment on Osteoporosis With Ashley Kohl

I had a great time today as a guest on Channel 22's (WWLP) Mass Appeal TV show in Springfield, MA. Ashley Kohl was the host and we talked about the importance of recognizing patient biochemical individuality when assessing the causes of osteoporosis and determining treatment protocol. Ashley was a phenomenal kind and gracious and [...]

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Strontium: Does It Actually Build Bone Mass Or Just Look Like It?

There has been considerable debate over the benefits of strontium for treating osteoporosis. Prior research indicates strontium ranelate both increases bone mineral density and reduces fractures of the spine (but not the hip) by up to 40%. Although the benefits of strontium look promising, it has been difficult to determine how much of strontium's effect [...]

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