Sunday, November 18, 2012

Calcium Supplements and Cardiovascular Disease Risk

"The authors do not believe that the evidence presented to date regarding the hypothesized relationship between calcium supplement use and increased cardiovascular disease risk is sufficient to warrant a change in the Institute of Medicine recommendations, which advocate use of supplements to promote optimal bone health in individuals who do not obtain recommended intakes of calcium through dietary sources." This is the conclusion of Heaney, et al. in a review article in Advances in Nutrition. Researchers from Creighton University Medical Center examined data on the relationship between calcium supplement use and risk of cardiovasculr events from the results of 2 epidemiological studies, a meta-analysis of controlled clinical trials and other cohort studies. They further concluded that "little evidence exists for plausible biological mechanisms to link calcium supplement use with adverse cardiovascular outcomes."

Heaney, R.P., et al. 2012. A review of calcium supplements and cardiovascular disease risk. Advances in Nutrition 3(6):763-771.
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