Sunday, November 11, 2012

Calcium Supplementation and Kidney Stone Risk

A common concern about supplementing with calcium is whether it increases one's risk for kidney stones. To examine this risk, researchers from the Hospital Clinico de San Carlos in Madrid, Spain reviewed 10 previously conducted studies which included a total of 8,000 osteoporotic patients who supplemented with calcium (120 mg to 1,500 mg for 3 days to 3 years). In more than half of the studies no cases of kidney stones were found. The researchers concluded "calcium supplements in the treatment of osteoporosis alone or in combination with another type of treatment does not significantly increase the risk of nephrolithiasis or renal colic."

Candelas et al. 2012, Clincal and Experimental Rheumatology, Nov 6 [Epub ahead of print]
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