Friday, September 7, 2012

Two-Fold Increase in Fractures with Antidepressants

I thought I would briefly mention one more research article about antidepressants that just appeared in the Bone journal. I am not trying to belabor the point about antidepressants and bone loss but just making sure that if you take one of these medications (and I realize how important they can be sometimes for quality of life) that you will need to take extra vigilance in the care of your bones. Also, especially for mild to moderate depression or anxiety, make sure you explore psychotherapy and self-help books such as David D. Burn's Feeling Good. These can be extremely helpful alternatives to antidepressants.

This investigation (Rabenda et al. 2012) looked at the relationship between antidepressants and fracture risk by analyzing data from two international, phase III, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind studies (SOTI and TROPOS). It was determined that users of SSRI antidepressants had a "2-fold risk increase of nonvertebral [hip and forearm] fracture" and a "2.1-fold risk increase for subjects who were current users of TCAs [tricyclic antidepresants].

Rabenda et al. 2012. Risk of nonvertebral fractures among elderly postmenopausal women using antidepressants. Bone 51(4):674-679.
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