Trace minerals, also called micro minerals, are essential to health. They are necessary for the conduction of billions of electrical impulses that keep your body’s nervous system functioning. In addition, trace minerals act as co-factors in essential cellular processes and are necessary for hormone production, digestion, utilization of nutrients, production of anti-oxidants, proper immune function, and for maintaining acid-base balance. Although the body requires only minute amounts of trace minerals, when they are deficient from our diets we become susceptible to disease.

In a recently published paper in The Journal of Nutrition (Cao et al., 2012) the authors studied the effects of selenium (a trace mineral) deficiency in mice. They concluded that “selenium deficiency is detrimental to bone microstructure by increasing bone resorption, possibly through increased oxidative stress.”

It is estimated that 90% of Americans are deficient in minerals. Over farming and soil depletion, as well as poor diet, are at the root of this deficiency. Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds are good sources of the trace mineral selenium, as is OsteoMineralBoost.  With its mineral-rich red marine algae, OsteoMineralBoost is a great source of trace minerals and perfect for ensuring a consistent intake of selenium. OsteoMineralWhey is also a great source of trace minerals. Try them both!

Cao, J.J., B.R. Gregoire and H Zeng. 2012. Selenium deficiency decreases antioxidative capacity and is detrimental to bone microarchitecture in mice. The Journal of Nutrition 142:1526-1531.