The Tough Mudder at Mt. Snow in early May was a good way for me to start the 2012 racing season. Although it wasn’t a real “race” (more participatory than the usual knock down drag out ***** to the wall Ironman stuff I’m used to) it was still fun. Since osteoporosis had stripped away my confidence for a while (i.e. I know all too well what it can be like to have that fear of breaking something looming heavy over every move you make), I enjoy doing some crazy things now and again since my bones have recovered. It’s been great to be strong enough to do things like this again. It’s fun having my “old” aging body (oh my…I’ll be 58 REAL soon!) serving me better now than it did 10 years ago [that’s what kale, chard, and effective nutritional supplements (yes, Osteo Naturals, of course!) can do for you!]. Now THAT’S the way it should be! Although I don’t recommend Tough Mudders for people with osteoporosis I just wanted to share my experience with you because so often people just don’t believe that it is possible to recover from severe bone loss.

These Tough Mudder events were designed by members of the British Special Forces. As an added incentive for my participation in this event I was pretty excited that the organizers are involved in raising millions of dollars to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. This is a great organization that helps raise awareness and provide services to injured service members. Tough Mudders take place around the U.S.A. and include lots of walls, tunnels, cold (freezing) water, and electric shock cords (toughness therapy) to challenge and “perk” a person up.  At just over 10 miles (a bit hilly with the course going up and down the ski slope several times) and 20+ military type obstacles it was a fun morning for me. Other than loosing my glasses on the first obstacle (the Arctic Enema: an ice bath that sucked the glasses right off of me), it all went smoothly and I finished in just over 2 hours and 30 minutes. The best thing, of course, is that I’m healthy enough again to be able to do these types of whacky races and not break any bones. Onward!