Wednesday, March 8, 2017

OsteoStim is Available

Our new shipment of OsteoStim has finally arrived. For four years now, OsteoStim has been

instrumental in helping many people turn around their declining bone mineral density and regain confidence in the strength of their skeleton. Once again they can wake up with the peace of mind that their bones will get them through the day without breaking. And now...OsteoStim is not only back in stock, but it is better than ever. Here is what we did to improve OsteoStim:
OsteoStim update: 
  • We have enhanced the formula with the addition of Bioferrin® 1000 (a product of Glanbia Nutritionals), a low-iron form of lactoferrin called apolactoferrin.
    Clinical research demonstrates lactoferrin, a purified bioactive glycoprotein found naturally in milk, is anabolic to bone. Lactoferrin has been shown to reduce inflammation, stimulate the immune system, improve gut health, and best of all strengthen bones. Lactoferrin stimulates the production of osteoblasts to enhance bone formation while inhibiting osteoclasts (cells that destroy bone). The addition of lactoferrin to our OsteoStim makes this product by far the product of choice when searching for bone-health supplements.
  • OsteoStim is GMO free!

We are confident you will find these changes make our OsteoStim even better! As always, the mission of OsteoNaturals is to provide the best nutrition products possible for skeletal health.  

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