Monday, December 12, 2016

BoneSmart Pilates: Aging Strong - Volume 1

Teresa Maldonado Marchok, LPT, just produced a very impressive DVD that will help improve your
posture, balance, muscle tone, AND bone strength. Teresa, a licensed physical therapist and certified Pilates teacher (at my alma mater, Stanford University, no less!) will show you how to improve hip and leg strength and stabilize your spine through exercise - all key for helping to reduce fracture risk if you have a weakened skeleton from osteopenia or osteoporosis.

This is Teresa's second DVD and it builds on the exercises from her first video. Teresa really steps up the intensity level in this one but continues to keep you safe by expertly explaining the mechanics of each exercise. This video will definitely challenge a GOOD way.

I am always touting the virtues of exercise, but when it comes to weak bones, it can be difficult to find inexpensive, safe, and effective programs designed specifically for promoting skeletal health. Teresa does an incredible job with this DVD in showing you how to improve bone strength, safely.

As Teresa explains, aging is inevitable but much of HOW we age is under our control. This is so true. By eating a bone-healthy diet, taking OsteoNaturals supplements, and engaging in safe, bone-specific exercise, you will have all of what you need in your armamentarium against osteoporosis. For more information or to order Teresa's BoneSmart Pilates: Aging Strong DVD go to   
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